Odd as it is to say, I had never Dockerized a map app before now. For those of you who don’t know, I spent about 8 years deep into Google Maps, OSS mapping tools, etc. I had also never created a Mapbox API map. So I decided to try it. I really like the Mapbox clustering sample app. I also really like the way that Mapbox includes your api key in every sample, once you’re logged in. Pretty cool.

Anyway, so I wrote a quick csv parser map app for an internal employee map at Docker. The csv parser is particularly bad, just grabbed some quick code I found on StackOverflow. Not robust, but just to give you the idea. I of course didn’t want to publish the Docker employee directory, so I created a sample table of data. I particularly like how easily the clusterer will show the names of everyone on the map in the floating div on the left.

Simple CSV Map Image